So here we are!!  The finale of showcasing the most nasty and despicable villains in Disney movie history.  Who could possibly make the top ten I hear you shout?  How could anyone be as wicked and cruel as the last suspects? Well, in just a few sentences, you’re gonna see for yourself.  The waiting is over.  Who have I chosen as number one?  Let’s go down the rabbit hole together:

10. The Evil Queen.


A list would be incomplete without the first ever villain in Disney, and would be the benchmark for those to follow in her twisted ways.  Her vanity ever consuming her, she consults her Magic Mirror and it foresees that the young beauty Snow White will one day be the fairest of them all over The Wicked Queen.  Wanting to rid her stepdaughter of this title, she asks a huntsman to dispose of the girl and place her heart in a wooden box to keep as a treasure.  After finding out Snow White is shacked up with seven dwarfs, she disguises herself as an old witch and poisons Snow White with a red apple.  From a stern looking royal, to a crooked nosed old hag, the Queen is undoubtedly the most famous and sinister of them all.

9. Lady Tremaine.


A controlling and snobbish woman who loved making Cinderella’s life a misery, Lady Tremaine craved a higher status for her family and wanted nothing else but for her daughters to marry a Prince.  With a death stare that would make Medusa turn to stone, and a calm demeanor (most times) she prowls in the shadows, and revels in tormenting her slave, knowing that Cinderella is much more beautiful than her own children.  Emotionally draining her prey rather than physical abuse, Lady Tremaine is a cold and calculating woman.  The scene with her in bed, cloaked in the shadows and stroking her beloved cat is an image you can hardly erase from your memory any time soon.

8. Shere Khan.


A confident and powerful beast, he could lull you into a false sense of security with his suave and polite manner, before ripping you into shreds within the same breath.  While his actions and reasoning for hating humans are valid in that they destroy the jungle with man’s red fire, we can’t help but have a disdain for the one who wants to have Mowgli as his main course.  Intimidating his victims just by his arrival, this tiger was a creature to be afraid of indeed.

7. Jafar.

With a twisted goatee to match his personality and a bored and tired expression to suggest nobody was worthy of his presence, Jafar would trade his own mother to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world.  Literally doing anything to get his way, throwing street rats under the sea or fat Sultans under his spell.  Without the help of the genie, it would most certainly have been the end for Prince Abubu.

6. Hades.


Bless my soul.  The funniest villain on this list, providing the voice was the ever charismatic James Woods.  And what a combination.  With a dry wit and fiery rage, the sarcastic devil could make you laugh as he was sending you to hell.  Ruler of the Underworld? Been there, taken souls!! What he really wanted was to rule Mount Olympus.  He would be able to do just that by turning the god Hercules mortal, therefore no one would be able to stop him.  How hard can it be?

5. Cruella De Vil.


Undeniably the most prominent villain in Disney, starring in multiple movies and adaptions, the clue to how horrible she was is in her name.  The woman is only obsessed by fashion and would have no remorse in skinning adorable puppies for their fur.  Shoving a cigarette in your face as she cackles maniacally and calling you darling (eew), De Vil is the definition of a ruthless and insane heiress.

4. Ursula.


Concocting potions with a snigger and a personality with such sass it’ll make your tentacles spin, Ursula is without question the greatest villain under the sea.  Another poor unfortunate soul obsessed with her looks, and would like nothing more than for the little mermaid Ariel to lose her beautiful singing voice and rule the ocean.  Handing out deals as if they were sweets, but taking pleasure in snatching them back and ensnaring merfolk.  Belting out one of Disney’s all time classic Disney songs, it’s no wonder she’s stood the test of time and became such a fan favourite.

3. Scar.


Who would kill their own family to become King? Who would make their nephew believe that the death of their father was their fault?  Who would sing a devilishly catchy song to further cement his intent on ruling Pride Rock?  The power-mad lion that is Scar of course!!  Rightfully belonging in the top three of any list made, he is as menacing as he is a cold-blooded killer.  Aided by three dim-witted hyenas, he craves to rule under his own regime. Even at one point in the film, he is depicted rather eerily as another cruel dictator of the past that would go over many younger audience’s heads.  Such is the nature of Scar, even the death of a family member wouldn’t disturb him, if it meant walking over their corpse to be King.  Nobody was more prepared than Scar.

2. Maleficent.


Driven by revenge and jealousy, Maleficent is the scariest fairy to ever grace our screens.  Feeling betrayed by not being invited to Aurora’s christening, she places the helpless baby under a spell and will die on her 16th birthday after picking her finger.  An imposing figure, she is easily the most recognisable villain with a narrow face, black horns and a devious smile.  Who else can turn into a monstrous fire-breathing dragon?  She truly is the Mistress of all Evil.

1. Claude Frollo.


Hiding behind the cloaks of religion to corrupt the justice system for his own merciful gain, they do not come any more sinister than Judge Claude Frollo .  Almost discarding a baby for their deformity and then keeping him locked in a tower.  Wanting to purge the world of Gypsies and will burn down all of Paris to do so.  Will condemn a woman to the wooden stake if she does not succumb.  A man so blinded and deluded by his own actions to justify them as God’s will is a deeply unstable man.  The torture inside him as he tries to fight his infatuations over a woman, is made clear in the darkest Disney song ever made.  All time Disney Villain? Choose Frollo, or you will burn.

So there you have it!! Do you agree with the order? Who do you think should have been number one?

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By George Millard



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