There are no good guys to root for without a dastardly bad guy lurking in the background.  Someone to push the righteous to their limit.  Or to put them in mortal danger, only to be succumbed to justice.  Without Vader, there would be no Luke (think about it).  Batman would not be the man he is today without the chaotic nature of The Joker.  Spider-Man would have a pretty boring life if it wasn’t for the Green Goblin.  America wouldn’t be a joke if it wasn’t for Trump.  Love them or hate them, villains stir the pot and make tales more engaging.  Sometimes, in many, many cases, they steal the show.  Here’s looking at you Heath.  For this post, I am concentrating on the best Villains in the Disney universe.  Whether they are stealing children, animals or fortunes, they have over the years stolen our hearts.  Raise your evil goblins and be prepared for the top twenty most wicked, cruel and sometimes just plain cool bad guys in Disney history.  Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the most evil of them all?:



Never without some kind of weapon in his hand, the abusive “gentleman” Clayton is a very sinister character indeed.  Never truly understanding the beauty of nature and only wanting the gorillas for wealth, his greed and the jungle eventually takes a stranglehold of him, quite literally.



An obsessive and controlling witch who keeps Rapunzel locked in a tower just for her long blond locks to keep herself young? Yeah, she makes her way onto the list.  A chilling song to the girl she kidnapped, telling poor Rapunzel to never leave as it’s a cruel world outside and calling her every negative thing under the sun!! A bit hypocritical considering she’s the one trying to hold onto her youth!! Damn good tune though…



Any child would agree that kidnapping Sandy Claws is a very bad thing to do.  Bad Jack!! But to tie him up to a roulette wheel by the boogieman and watch him strut his bean bag of a body around? Torture!! The ghoulish sack of bugs is a delightful mix of cool and scary, and as dark as his hollow eyes.  Not to mention a song that will stick with you like a thread caught in your own device.  Sorry Oogie.



Yes OK, he technically turned good in later films, but in the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film, he was a mean skeleton machine.  With a curse that prevented him from feeling nothing, it’s safe to say that he was pretty much like that before he stole the treasure.  Geoffrey Rush is perfect as the snarling pirate, commanding the seas as well as the scenes (love that line).  Terrifying as a skeleton too as he closes in on Keira Knightley stating “you best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner, you’re in one.” Creepy.



With a name like Medusa, you’re bound to be a little evil.  You certainly wouldn’t want to look at her either if you saw her in the corner of a bar.  As seedy as her pawn shop and as thick as her make-up, all she craves in the world is diamonds.  And will use anything to snatch the Devil’s Eye diamond for herself, especially a sweet little orphaned girl.  You definitely do not want to mess with this unstable and quite frankly, crazy woman.  She has two alligators by her side for crying out loud!!



Basically a debt collector with wings, Hopper stalks the ants and even his own kind to get what he wants.  A very violent grasshopper with an inferiority complex, you will see the bottom of his foot if you do not collect enough food in time.  If your own brother is scared of you, just how nasty can you be?

14. SID


The biggest bully and the definition of a problem child, Sid was the boy you feared and hated in school.  Torturing toys (yes, TORTURING) and turning them into his sick, twisted frankenstein-like creations.  The big baby headed tarantula thing gave me nightmares for weeks.  Eventually Woody and the gang get their own personal payback but man, if I was that boys parents I would seriously look at getting him some counseling.



Staying with Toy Story, he is probably the only bad guy on the list that smells the best.  The cuddly bastard resorts to punishment by locking toys up who don’t play by the rules in his daycare penitentiary.  Feeling betrayed and replaced by his former owner Daisy, he decides to turn to the dark side and rigs the system for his own selfish ways.  Probably the first villain to be presented to us as a kind and gentle giant, welcoming the new toys, being nothing but caring.  But when the toys don’t get in line, his true nature comes into play.  Huggin’ bear? the only thing he’s hugging now is a truck grille!! Badum tsh…


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Although Lotso may smell good, this guy can eat five dozens eggs for breakfast while shooting his prey from behind.  And the worst thing about it is: He doesn’t care!! With arms as big as his chin and ego, this charismatic war veteran is handsome as much as he is conniving.  Pushy towards Belle as well as abusive to LeFou, he only thinks about himself.  The man can’t go anywhere without looking into a mirror.  There’s even a song just about how great Gaston is!! A very popular Disney villain, and it’s not very hard to see why.

11. HOOK


An endearing Disney villain that is always thwarted by Peter Pan and his gang of lost boys.  A pantomime villain that literally has a twirly moustache, but with an impeccable dress sense.  A short-tempered pirate, but to be fair you would be a little miffed if someone chopped off your hand.  He even kills someone just for singing!! Never without his trusted Mr. Smee by his side, Captain Hook will always be the greatest pirate we’ve ever seen.  Watch out for that ticking crocodile though…

Next week shall be the finale.   Who do you think will be in the top 10? 

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By George Millard


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