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Wrestlemania is just around the corner.  Tensions are building.  Matches are being set in stone.  And a dream match could potentially be on the cards in the form of Cena and Undertaker. But I just want to talk bout one fight in particular.  A match that was announced after the Elimination Chamber.  Or if you prefer, a match that was decided long before the main event of said show.  Let’s go so far as last year.  Oh what the hell, a little further back than that.  A rematch that was set in stone even as we saw Seth Rollins run away with the title after cashing in.  Yes, it’s the long-awaited Part 2 of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.  Now, depending on what side of the fence you’re on, you can’t deny this feud has created somewhat of a buzz around town.  Parts of the WWE Universe (hate that phrase) will claim that Roman does not deserve to main event The Grandest Stage Of Them All 4 years in a row.  Some will say that Lesnar is a part timer who doesn’t even deserve the Universal Championship.  OK, some valid points.  I would like to try to justify this match however, if I may, and conclude that this match could be the one to really help Roman in the long run, and a match that could possibly steal the show.

My first defense of this title bout is the hero and villain aspect.  Now Brock Lesnar, as we know, is a part timer at best.  Clinging to the “minimum dates for big money” clause in his contract like a sloth clutching on to a golden branch.  Many fans are upset about the absence of The Beast, having only stacking up just a mere 65 minutes in-ring action in 2017.  I do agree that it would be awesome to see more of our Champion, but then again it would take away his appeal if we see him every week and just bounce around while his advocate talks.  Sporadic appearances make him a big money draw, and to hop on the McMahon bandwagon, he has earned the right to take a load off and chuck some hay around his farm.  To use this outcry of more screen time, and flip it so Lesnar never shows up?  Allow me to kiss my fingers like a chef has made his masterpiece.  It’s genius play.  It also allows Roman to express how the fans feel on the mic.  He’s the spokesperson for us.  He’s saying exactly what we think of Lesnar but too afraid to say it because we love seeing Brock.  But yep, he never shows up for work, while the rest of slave away.  Think about it: you put the hours in at your own work place, bust your balls every day, then mister fancy pants comes along for one day, pops his head in the door, gets a nice pat on the back from the boss and then leaves?  You would hate that guy!!!  Hero and Villain.  Lesnar is never afraid to do what’s best for business. He knows that Roman is the chosen one.  He knows to and the baton off a the end of Mania.  Personally, I would hold off seeing Lesnar until April 8th.  This will also allow Roman to have more time on the mic, emphasising his point.  This doesn’t harm Lesnar in the slightest as he’s already a fan favourite and a top guy.  This doesn’t harm Reigns either, cause man he is killing it with his promos at the minute.

My second defense is timing.  While it has been 3 years since the first encounter, it couldn’t really come at a better time for both wrestlers.  Lesnar needs a credible fighter to face before his inevitable return to the octagon.  His matches of recent times have been lackluster at best.  Goldberg was too fast and just 3 moves in each match.  Strowman was clunky and dull.  Even putting Brock in fatal 4 ways and triple threats he’s hardly seen and taken out of the equation early.  Give Lesnar a credible contender who can back up what he says and gets the job done.  No matter what you think of The Big Dog, he controls, entertains and delivers in every main event.  Do I think he’s the poster boy for the next 10 years? Not really.  Do I think he’s ready to be THE guy? Not really. But you know what, apart from the sloppy Undertaker match, when Roman is in a main event, it is intriguing.  Hell, he carried The Undertaker through his last match.  That shows the man has honed his craft and knows what he’s doing.  His mic work was the only aspect that he needs to improve on.  But given the right opponent and you watch him get fired up.  Working with Cena was the best promos I’ve ever seen Reigns cut.  For once it didn’t feel scripted, it didn’t seem robotic and it didn’t seem fake.  He’s finding that raw energy again the last few weeks.  This is the Roman I would like to see more of.  A heel turn would definitely benefit him too in the long run with this fiery words of late.  Lesnar/Reigns is a perfect combination as it is two fighters who say what they’re gonna do and back it up with results.

My third and final defense of this match is quite simple:  Part One was so damn good!!  A decent brawl and a real big fight feel, it’s a Lesnar that I’ve missed the last 3 years.  He was vicious, he was a bully, and he looked tough.  And come on, if you’re a Reigns hater, why wouldn’t you want to see him go to Suplex City?…. oh, cause he’s gonna win the title in the end and start The Roman Era? Fair enough….

Who else is excited for this Main Event?

Do you think it will steal the show?

Will this make Roman more likeable? Or does a heel turn need to happen?

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By George Millard



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